Empathy & Enterprise. Hand in prep.

In preparation for my final submission i spent two days arranging work into piles by brief categories, arranging in order of development where each set of work lead onto another. Each pile i bound with a gold bulldog clip as a design theme and to also keep all the loss pieces together in piles. Each brief came with a contents page on the front and with each section having another accompanying card with a brief description of the work inside. I found that the Look Mum No Hands brief had a significantly large¬†amount of work, with Brandflip being the lesser of the two piles. I wouldn’t say this was because Brandflip had less time spent ton it as this is untrue, but that the brief was more concise for me to accomplish and didn’t need any improvements after a review with my tutor like the Look Mum No hands brief did. The FMP had a decent pile of work to it not to the same thickness as the previous No hands brief but inside this pile was a larger array of iterations surrounding my final major project concept. All of my adobe digital files of my website mockups, mock up boards and PSD mockups are compiled onto a memory stick, along with my video, poster prints and other imagery associated to my FMP. I am ready and prepared


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